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ISO 9001
New proofing system:
This system allows us to print a color proof certified Contour inking of our machines.
This test takes into account the type of card you choose:

The new system restricts the movement in good shooting and allows a remote validation and a verification before printing. Feel free to contact us with any explanation.

Cartonnages GAULTIER offer offset printing up to its customers. The expertise of our company is at your disposal for printing your

blister cards

, your


, your


or your


Good visit.

Our Blister Cards:

Nos Cartes Blister

Our Case-Box:


Our Skin-Pack:

Nos Etuis-BoitesNos Skin-Pack

The CARTONNAGES GAULTIER are certified ISO since 1994 and currently certified version 2009 throughout the chain graph.
This award recognizes the Cartonnages Gaultier Teams'work and stresses their expertise and their technical.

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