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ISO 9001
Certification FSC/PEFC
Cartonnages Gaultier got their certification labels for FSC / PEFC. You will find at the bottom of the home page the pdf with the corresponding registration number.
New proofing system:
This system allows us to print a color proof certified Contour inking of our machines.
This test takes into account the type of card you choose:

The new system restricts the movement in good shooting and allows a remote validation and a verification before printing. Feel free to contact us with any explanation.
The tenth Conference of CARTONNAGE FRANÇAIS was held in REIMS on Friday, the 19th of June 2009. It gathered together all companies dealing with cardboard in France. This event is held every three years and includes an Innovation Trophy competition. Cartonnages GAULTIER have received this award thanks to the motivation of all the personnel.
The First TROPHY of cardboard packaging. This award rewards the care and work of CARTONNAGES GAULTIER's teams and highlight their know-how and technological advance.


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